The 10 Most Stylish People in Dallas 2015

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  • 10 Most Stylish Amber Venz (1).jpg

    Amber Venz Box
    Venz Box took a habit, ingrained from the latter days of the 20th century, and upended it—twice. In 2011, she and her husband, Baxter Box, created rewardStyle, using technology that allowed style bloggers and publications to receive a commission whenever someone purchased an item via a link.

  • 10 Most Stylish Amber Venz.jpg

    Amber Venz Box
    Now they’ve launched, a platform that renders going to a tastemaker’s website unnecessary. Shoppable links are emailed to you when you “like” a LTK-enabled photo.

  • 10 Most Stylish Tina Craig 1.jpg

    Tina Craig
    As students at the University of Southern California, Craig and her then roommate, Kelly Cook, would gift each other Prada bags with their parents’ credit cards.

  • 10 Most Stylish Tina Craig 2.jpg

    Tina Craig
    In 2005, a few months after Craig’s son was born, the duo started Bag Snob, a blog that has since evolved into a lifestyle brand, Snob Essentials. Craig shops online, of course, but especially loves Forty Five Ten and Vintage Martini, where she has found favorite couture pieces.

  • 10 Most Stylish Anna Sophia Van Zweden 1.jpg

    Anna-Sophia van Zweden
    She moved to Dallas in 2009 when her father, Jaap van Zweden, became the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s music director and quickly caught the eye of certain magazine editors and society cameras.
    Stylist for Anna-Sophia van Zweden: Carlos Alonso-Parada, On Set Management Clothing credit for Anna-Sophia van Zweden: Libertine jacket and Sea New York skirt, both courtesy Canary Dallas; Saint Laurent studded bag, courtesy Saint Laurent in Highland Park Village; Booties, Alaïa.

  • 10 Most Stylish Anna Sophia Van Zweden 2.jpg

    Anna-Sophia van Zweden
    Van Zweden had a little trouble getting home from Amsterdam recently (a stolen phone, a canceled flight), but now she’s back and hard at work on SOLUNA, an art and classical music festival she’s helping to put together in the Arts District for May.

  • 10 Most Stylish Tramaine Townsend 1.jpg

    Tramaine Townsend
    Townsend isn’t supposed to be here. It’s a long story, but not that long. He visited the Art Institute of Dallas with a high school friend from his hometown of Houston who was planning to attend the school. His friend didn’t end up going to the Institute, but Townsend did, studying animation and design.

  • 10 Most Stylish Tramaine Townsend 2.jpg

    Tramaine Townsend
    Now he does motion graphics for a postproduction video editing shop called CharlieUniformTango and makes time for passion projects on the side. He’s a visual artist and a photographer (he’s been working on a series of double-sided photographs off and on since 2010 and hopes for a gallery show soon), and he dabbles in video projection and design.

  • 10 Most Stylish Erin Matthews.jpg

    Erin Matthews
    Mathews, founding partner of residential real estate company Mathews Nichols Group, describes herself as organized in all phases of her life, including her wardrobe.

  • 10 Most Stylish Erin Matthews (1).jpg

    Erin Matthews
    “People think I have a closet the size of a football field,” she says, chuckling. “But I do not. Even though I love beautiful clothes, I’m very practical.”

  • 10 Most Stylish Al Tidwell 1.jpg

    Al Tidwell
    Social media has made it easier to stalk stylist Al Tidwell. Just search the hashtag #altidwellsightings.

  • 10 Most Stylish Al Tidwell 2.jpg

    Al Tidwell
    In one recent photo, the 52-year-old’s signature long locks are braided, Pippi Longstocking-style, high on his head. In another, he’s wearing a fringed jacket and riding a gold Vespa, like Helios in a Pantene commerical.
    Stylist for Al Tidwell: Anna Devereux, IA Agency

  • 10 Most Stylish Robert Cody Maxwell 1.jpg

    Robert Cody Maxwell
    Maxwell, frontman for the band Robert Cody Maxwell and the Gentlemen Vain, learned to play the guitar and the bagpipes as a teenager, and finds style inspiration in his musical influences—the Avett Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

  • 10 Most Stylish Robert Cody Maxwell 2.jpg

    Robert Cody Maxwell
    He likes Levi’s denim (black jeans go with everything), trucker jackets (“I own too many of them, honestly”), and suspenders (he sews the buttons on his pants himself).

  • 10 Most Stylish Claire 1.jpg

    Claire Emanuelson
    A self-described girlie-girl, Emanuelson loves to dress up. This is a good thing, since the New Orleans native is a fixture on the social scene.

  • 10 Most Stylish Claire 2.jpg

    Claire Emanuelson
    She and her husband, Dwight, met when they both worked as stockbrokers at Merrill Lynch. Now, after 30 years in Dallas, she is retired and stays busy with community projects and fundraisers, such as events benefiting the Family Place.

  • 10 Most Stylish Chandra North 1.jpg

    Chandra North
    North’s mother worked in the couture department of Neiman Marcus for 30 years. She remembers sitting on the floor of the dressing room, paging through French Vogue, back when models were fixtures on glossy covers.

  • 10 Most Stylish Chandra North 2.jpg

    Chandra North
    North became a model herself, discovered at a Highland Park pool. She worked in New York for 19 years before she and her husband, Daniel, moved back to Dallas with their son.

  • 10 Most Stylish Havilah Bender 1.jpg

    Havilah Bender
    You might know Bender because you were a regular at the dearly departed Barneys at NorthPark, where she started off in menswear sales, or because you’re now a regular at Traffic LA, the downtown boutique where she acts as keyholder and part of the visual team.

  • 10 Most Stylish Havilah Bender 2.jpg

    Havilah Bender
    Drawing inspiration from Daphne Guinness, Grace Jones, and David Bowie, she fills her closet with Zana Bayne harnesses, blazers, and at least 15 pairs of black boots.